REITs are an important part of the economy, investors’ portfolio and local communities. Taken individually, a single REIT-owned property can change the entire complexion of a neighborhood. When viewed as an entire industry, REITs significantly contribute to the tax base, job market and community. 

Stats regarding the Reach of REITs in the economy

REITs own approximately $3.5 trillion in gross real estate assets, with more than $2 trillion of that total from public listed and non-listed REITs and the remainder from privately held REITs. The economic and investment reach of those assets are felt by millions of Americans all across the country.

Stats about the size of the REIT industry

Since their creation in 1960, REITs have grown in size, impact and market acceptance. The creation of headline real estate sectors - populated mainly by REITs - in leading industry classification standards underscores the growing importance of REIT-based real estate investment in the equities marketplace.


REIT puzzle chart - PERFORMANCE

REITs have historically produced a track record of strong performance. The industry’s track record has resulted in a broader acceptance among institutional investors, financial advisors and retail investors.

Data as of March 2021 unless otherwise noted.